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Heat Aware

With temperatures likely to reach the highest ever recorded in Britain, please look after those most vulnerable in your lives. Children, the elderly and those with long term health conditions may need help keeping cool and hydrated in hot weather.

Help them avoid heat related illness by:

💦checking they stay hydrated with plenty of fluids

🥵helping to provide a cool living space

🤸encouraging them to avoid strenuous or extreme activities

☀️ keeping them out of the sun at peak times

🕶 providing a sunhat, sunglasses and applying plenty of sun-cream when outside

If you or someone else feels unwell with a high temperature during hot weather, it may be heat exhaustion or heatstroke. Find out about the signs of heat exhaustion and heatstroke, and when to get help




































































For decades, vaccinations have protected our children and young people from potentially serious diseases, including measles, flu, meningitis and mumps.

By the time they leave school, a child will typically have been offered vaccinations against 18 different diseases or infections – the COVID-19 vaccine is one more vaccine that children will soon be able to have to protect them from illness.The Government’s Joint Committee on Vaccinations and Immunisations recommends that 5-11 year olds be offered the vaccine, which has been approved by the UK’s medicines regulator. The vaccine will reduce the chance of your child becoming unwell from COVID-19 and increase their protection against any future waves. Your child will be offered two paediatric (child) doses of the vaccine, with at least 12 weeks between doses. A paediatric dose is smaller than doses given to those aged 12 and over.COVID-19 is still active and causing some children to miss out on their education and things they enjoy, and getting your child vaccinated will boost their immunity and keep them doing the things they love.From Monday 4 April, parents to take your child to a vaccination centre, community pharmacy or GPs offering jabs for this age group. From Saturday 2 April you can view these sites and make an appointment through the National Booking Service or by calling 119.Vaccinations are also available for 5-11 year olds at some local walk-in sites. Simply check the walk-in finder website before attending to make sure they can vaccinate your child.



Click here to read the NHS COVID Vaccine letter to parents.


How to talk about Ukraine with children: Guidance from Save the Children

As hostilities in Ukraine escalate, children may see and hear things about the crisis in the news, leading to feelings of uncertainty, anxiety and fear, which parents and caregivers need to address, Save the Children’s psychologists warn.

Ane Lemche, a psychologist and child counsellor with Save the Children, said children around the world might not fully understand what is happening in Ukraine and may have questions about the images, stories, and conversations they are exposed to.

Previous Save the Children research in conflicts such as Iraq and Syria has revealed heartbreaking accounts of children terrified by the shelling and airstrikes, anxious about the future, and distraught at not being able to go to school. The majority of children showed signs of severe emotional distress.

“What is happening in Ukraine can be frightening for both children and adults. Ignoring or avoiding the topic can lead to children feeling lost, alone and more scared, which can affect their health and wellbeing. It is essential to have open and honest conversations with children to help them process what is happening,” said Ms. Lemche.

Experts at Save the Children share five tools and tips that caregivers can use to approach the conversation with children:

1. Make time and listen when your child wants to talk

Give children the space to tell you what they know, how they feel and to ask you questions. They may have formed a completely different picture of the situation than you have. Take the time to listen to what they think, and what they have seen or heard.

2. Tailor the conversation to the child

Be mindful of the child’s age as you approach the conversation with them. Young children may not understand what conflict or war means and require an age-appropriate explanation. Be careful not to over-explain the situation or go into too much detail as this can make children unnecessarily anxious. Younger children may be satisfied just by understanding that sometimes countries fight. Older children are more likely to understand what war means but may still benefit from talking with you about the situation. In fact, older children will often be more concerned by talk of war because they tend to understand the dangers better than younger children do.

3. Validate their feelings

It is important that children feel supported in the conversation. They should not feel judged or have their concerns dismissed. When children have the chance to have an open and honest conversation about things upsetting them, it can create a sense of relief and safety.

4. Reassure them that adults all over the world are working hard to resolve this

Remind children that this is not their problem to solve. They should not feel guilty about playing, seeing their friends, and doing the things that make them happy. Stay calm when you approach the conversation. Children often copy the sentiments of their caregivers – if you are uneasy about the situation, chances are your child will be uneasy as well.

5. Give them a practical way to help

Support children who want to help. Children who have the opportunity to help those affected by the conflict can feel like they are part of the solution. Children can create fundraisers, send letters to local decision-makers or create drawings calling for peace.

Save the Children has been operating in Ukraine since 2014, delivering essential humanitarian aid to children and their families. This includes supporting access to education, distributing winter kits and hygiene kits, and providing cash grants to families. Our specialists support children to overcome the mental and psychological impacts of their experiences of conflict and violence and increase their ability to cope with stress in their daily lives.


Other useful links from Dudley EPS:

British Psychological Society


BBC Newsround

Mental Health Foundation

Joint Local Area SEND revisit
Ofsted and the Care Quality Commission have announced (17 January) that they will be carrying out a re-visit to Dudley on 31 January. The purpose of the re-visit is to determine whether the local area has made sufficient progress in addressing the areas of significant weakness detailed in the written
statement of action (WSOA) that was approved by the Department for Education in December 2019 following the borough’s joint local area SEND inspection in May 2019.

The Re-visit Inspection Team
The inspection team will be on site from Monday 31st January until either Wednesday 2nd or Thursday 3rd February.

The team consists of:
• Wayne Simner – Lead HMI (Ofsted)
• Chris Pollit – HMI (Ofsted)
• Kay Goodfellow – Inspector (CQC)
• Peter Humphries – HMI Quality Assurance (onsite)
• Lucy Hart – CQC Quality Assurance (remote)

Areas of Focus

During the re-visit, inspectors will want to explore:
• area leaders’ understanding of the impact of the pandemic on children and young people with SEND in their area and on the local SEND system more
• how leaders have used their understanding to adapt their plans to address the areas of significant weakness detailed in the WSOA including at looking at policies and data
• how the local area has involved children and young people with SEND and their families in co-producing decisions about how best to support them
• worked collaboratively to prioritise, adapt and provide the services and support that children and young people with SEND and their families need
Inspectors will also be talking with children and young people, the parent carer forum and other stakeholders including schools, colleges health, members and local authority services. They will also be looking at a snapshot of individual cases. Inspectors will also devise questions for parents and carers to answer through an online survey. They will share these questions in advance with the Parent Carer Forum to ensure that they are appropriately phrased. The survey will go live on Monday 24 January 2022 at midday and will close on Friday 28 January 2022. We will promote the survey along with a letter from the inspectors across all of our channels to ensure that parents and carers have an opportunity to have their say. A draft inspection timetable is detailed at the end of this briefing and will be confirmed on 28th January 2021.

What Happens Next?
A letter will be issued normally within 33 working days of the end of the inspection. Inspectors will detail the findings of the visit. If a Dudley is deemed to have made sufficient progress in addressing all of the areas of significant weakness, the DfE and NHS England will stop making their formal quarterly support and challenge visits. On the flip side if we are considered to be insufficient progress in addressing any of the areas of significant weakness, the Department for Education and NHS England to determine the next steps. This may include the Secretary of State using their powers of intervention. Ofsted and the CQC will not carry out any further re-visits unless directed to do so by the Secretary of State. Ofsted will publish the final letter on the local authority SEND section of Ofsted’s
reports website, The CQC will publish it on its website alongside reports arising from other local area children’s inspection and review activity.
They may also use this information to determine the timing of the local area’s next inspection under any future area SEND inspection framework.

Letter for Parents and Carers with Survey Link


For information, please contact Matthew.Smith@dudley.gov.uk

Himley’s Magical Christmas PortalThu 16 to Sun 19 December 2021

Set in the beautiful courtyard at Himley Hall, you are invited to join us for an enchanting Christmas experience. 

On arrival you will be asked to take your seats in the festive lit marquees, enjoy alfresco hot chocolate and immerse yourself in the show, as children get to interact with Father Christmas live from the North Pole via a large screen.

We endeavour to take you on an exciting journey to find the magic portal inside Himley Hall which will transport us to the home of Father Christmas.  Find out if you’ve made the naughty or nice list, receive a bespoke Himley Hall gift and enjoy a Christmas craft and food market*, festive entertainment and vintage fairground.

The show, including the interactive meeting with Father Christmas all takes place on a large screen.  This event is set in the courtyard and grounds of Himley Hall so wrap up warm!

Tree Tots Toddler Group

On Tuesday 7th December, we will be joined by Saz’s Ceramics. She will be bringing lots of different pottery, plates, bowls, Christmas decorations etc to paint and decorate! Toddlers will run as normal and if you would like to decorate some pottery, Saz will be all set up in the hall 9- 11a.m. Please bring cash to pay. They will be fired and ready for pick up a week later – just in time for Christmas presents!


Raring2g0! has teamed up with Welbeck Publishing Group to offer one Primary School an opportunity to win a bundle of 25 books for their school.

Click here to enter


Special Educational Needs and Disabilities

Dudley SENDIAS (special educational needs & disabilities information advice and support) Service is running a range of online activities over the coming months to help parents and carers and young people with SEND, find out more about the SENDIAS Service and view the programme of events at: http://dudleysendiass.org.uk/


¨ First Session Tuesday 5 October 2021
Parents, Grandparents, aunties and uncles, child-minders etc.
All welcome!
¨ £3.50 for 1st child, £1 for 2nd child
¨ Lots of toys and activities including art & craft, singing
¨ Refreshments provided for children and adults
¨ Just turn up on the day and you will be made very welcome.

Letter to Year 6 Parents from The Ridgewood School

Click here to read a letter from the Head Teacher of The Ridgewood School

Welcome to Reception September 2021

Click here to see a welcome to Reception video for all the children joining us in September.



Ashwood Park Primary School

Tree Tots Toddler Group

Hi Everyone! We hope you are all well. We are getting lots of enquiries about our lovely baby and toddler group, but unfortunately due to the current situation we aren’t able to open yet. We are missing you all and really hope that things continue to improve, so we can look into opening safely in the Autumn Term. Follow our Facebook page for updates. Keep safe and well all 🙂


Which Covid Test Should You Take?

Click here to read advice from Dudley MBC about the two different tests for Covid

Letter to Parents from The Royal Mail

Click here to read a letter about The Royal Mail’s Heroes Stamp Design Competition


The Ashwood Park Kitchen staff have been awarded a Silver Award in their recent Quality Assurance Audit, well done to Gemma and her team.

Dudley MBC: Letter to Parents and Carers 26 March 2021

Click here to see a Letter to Parents and Carers from Dudley MBC’s Director of Public Health and Wellbeing.

Dudley MBC: Reminder to get Tested

Click here to see the latest Coronavirus advice from Dudley MBC and here to see local Coronavirus testing advice.

Dudley MBC: Expansion of Testing Letter

Click here to see a letter from Dudley MBC regarding Coronavirus testing.

School Art Gallery

Click here to see our Key Stage 2 Art Gallery.

Key Stage 1 coming soon…



Listening Ear Wednesdays 

Click here for details of sessions provided by Information, Advice and Support Services Network to support parents and carers of children with additional needs. 



Police Letter 

Please read this letter from Inspector Pete Sandhu of the Dudley Neighbourhood Policing Unit regarding parking near school.



Risk Assessment March 2021

Please read our Risk Assessment for the safe return to school. If you have any questions please phone the school office.



Rapid lateral flow testing for households and bubbles of primary school pupils

About 1 in 3 people with coronavirus do not have symptoms but can still pass it on to others. Regular testing of people without symptoms is important to help stop the virus spreading and protect your loved ones. As lockdown restrictions gradually ease we all need to play our part to help protect each other.

Households, childcare and support bubbles of primary age pupils now have access to regular rapid lateral flow testing. This is for parents and carers, primary school pupils will not be asked to test at this time.

You can collect 2 packs of home test kits at a local collection point. Each pack contains 7 tests.

The two collection points nearest to Ashwood Park Primary School are:

Orchard Lane Car Park, DY9 8EU

Studley Gate Car Park, DY8 3RR

Both sites are open between 1 pm and 7 pm every day.

For further details click here.


Letter from Mr Butler 26 February 2021 

Click here for a letter from Mr Butler to children, parents and carers.


Letter from Mr Butler 12 February 2021 

Click here for a letter from Mr Butler to children, parents and carers.


Home Learning Statement 

Click here for our Home Learning Statement


Return to School January 2021

Click here for a letter from Mr Butler regarding the reopening of Ashwood Park Primary School 


Dudley MBC

Click here for a list of local places that will support you to make life easier, from people who really care.


Dudley’s Letter to Parents and Carers 10th December 2020

Click here to see Dudley’s latest advice for Parents and Carers



Poppy Appeal 2020

Click here to see the letter from the Royal British Legion


COVID Letter 9 November 2020

Click here to see new advice and guidance for Parents and Carers


Dudley’s Coronavirus Advice 08 October 2020

Click here to see Dudley’s latest COVID Related Student Absence advice for Parents and Carers


Dudley’s Coronavirus Advice 30 September 2020

Click here to see Dudley’s latest advice for Parents and Carers.


Dudley’s Coronavirus Advice 25 September 2020

Click here to see Dudley’s advice for Parents and Carers.


Dudley’s COVID-19 Parent/Carer Information Sheet for Children Attending School

Click here to see Dudley’s advice for Parents and Carers.


KS2 Homework 

Click here to read a letter regarding KS2 homework this term.


Phonics Workshop Video for Reception

Click here to watch a Phonics guidance video for parents and carers of children in Foxes and Hedgehogs.


COVID-19 Related Pupil Absence

Click here to read a quick reference guide for parents and staff.


Click here to see the NHS coronavirus symptom guide.

11 September 2020 COVID-19 Update

Click here to read a letter from Mr Butler, Headteacher.



Warning Letter from Dudley Children’s Services

Click here to read the letter from Helen Ellis, Acting Director of Children’s Services, concerning a video on social media.



COVID Symptom Management September 2020

Please read the Dudley Standard Operating Procedure for the Management of COVID-19 Symptoms – Schools. If you have any questions please phone the school office.



Risk Assessment September 2020

Please read our Risk Assessment for the safe return to school. If you have any questions please phone the school office.



Return to School September 2020

We hope you have all enjoyed the Summer break and are looking forward to coming back to Ashwood Park. Click here to see the letter we sent home in July detailing the reopening procedures. All children start back on Thursday 3rd of September but please check the letter for the start time for your child’s class. We look forward to seeing you and thank you for your continued support.



Goodbye to our Year 6 children!

Click here to see our Leavers Video



Welcome to our new Nursery children!

Click here to see our Nursery Video



Welcome to our new Reception children!

Click here for a sneak preview…



Congratulations to Little Owls Nursery on their Gold Award

Click here for important information regarding possible Ashwood Park Primary School reopening on 2nd June 2020.

Click here or important information from Dudley Council regarding the phased reopening of Dudley schools.


On behalf of the staff and governors may I take this opportunity to welcome you to our new website. The health, happiness and well-being of the children are at the heart of everything we do at Ashwood Park Primary School. We believe that a child’s successful educational experience can only be achieved through a strong partnership between home and school. This partnership must be based around open, honest and effective communication.
Our staff, pupils, parents and governors all work hard to ensure that our learning opportunities are both stimulating and memorable. As a result of this we continue to develop our “Irresistible Learning” that uses “Stunning Starts”, “Marvellous Middles” and “Fabulous Finishes”. We aim to provide the very best for all our children.
Ashwood Park continues to move from strength to strength.  Ofsted (Feb 2014) had many positive things to say about our school. We were graded “Good”.  In June 2018 we were again graded “Good” and praised for our care and  support of all children. Both reports are available on the Ofsted website. Within our site you will find all the information you will need about our school.

  • For school documents and policies please check the Information section of the site.
  • For school news and upcoming events please check the News section of the site.
  • For pictures or videos of the school please check the Gallery section.
  • For links to useful websites please check the Links section.
You can also download the school prospectus from the “about us” section or view what your child is up to in the Children’s Area. If you have any issues at all you can get in touch with us using the contact us section of the website or speak to Mrs Isabel Lester, The Office Manager, on 01384 818545. If you would like to look round our wonderful school, please contact the office to arrange an appointment. We hope you enjoy using our website and we look forward to seeing you soon!

Keith Butler


Contact us

Address: Ashwood Park Primary School, Bells Lane, Wordsley, Stourbridge, West Midlands, DY8 5DJ

All initial enquiries from Parents and the public are through the School Office.

Tel: 01384 818545 Fax: 01384 818546 E-mail: info@ashwood.dudley.sch.uk

All queries are shared with the Head Teacher.

Ashwood Park Primary School,
Bells Lane,
West Midlands, DY8 5DJ

Tel: 01384 818545
Fax: 01384 818546
E: info@ashwood.dudley.sch.uk