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The RBD is the Dudley Local Authority enhanced provision for deaf students with severe or profound hearing loss. Students are fully included in Ashwood Park, but benefit from enhanced classroom communication support and individual tutorial sessions with teachers of the deaf. This provision forms part of the Local Offer for hearing impaired students.

We have a team of qualified Teachers of the Deaf and a large team of Specialist Teaching Assistants who support and give access to mainstream lessons. One to one and small group sessions are held in the RBD to support language development, listening skills and enhance access to the school curriculum.


The RBD has numerous teaching spaces with specialist resources, an audiology and speech therapy room. The RBD also has access to a qualified Educational Audiologist. A speech therapist visits once a week, as does our Deaf Communication Support Worker, who teaches British Sign Language.

All teachers in Ashwood Park are given Deaf Awareness training. Some teachers have passed sign language qualifications. Classrooms have a sound field systems and portable sound field systems are also available. The RBD also provides specialist trained staff for break and lunch times.



The RBD offers oral and total communication modes, agreed with student and parents through our review process. Teachers of the Deaf work closely with multiple agencies including NHS audiology, Birmingham Cochlear Implant Centre and parents to ensure each student has the best listening experience with the latest hearing technologies.

Dudley Local Offer


Mrs Erin Straw

01384 818549
(Lead Teacher of the Deaf)



Miss D Bevington

01384 818003
(Head of Service)

Ashwood Park Primary School,
Bells Lane,
West Midlands, DY8 5DJ

Tel: 01384 818545