Key Stage 2


At Ashwood Park we follow the National Curriculum and are committed to teaching our children to foster a love for learning. The children are taught fundamental skills through all lessons, with a strong focus on Reading, Writing and Mathematics. We teach our lessons in discrete subjects, with each subject having a topic for the term or half term. In Key Stage 2, the children thoroughly enjoy topics such as Pre-historic paintings in Art, Playgrounds in DT, Coding in Computing and the Amazon Basin in Geography. Through our curriculum, it is our intention that the children can apply, develop and make continued progress through a range of skills, including Standard English, Mathematics, creativity, real-world problem solving, digital literacy and historic and geographic knowledge as well as many more. Cross-curricular links between subjects are also encouraged to further enhance our curriculum and provide our children with the opportunity to see that learning is interconnected and transferrable. In addition, we also welcome outside agencies and arrange offsite visits to further enhance our broad curriculum, to promote further interest in subject areas and foster of love of learning.

An example day in Key Stage 2 

  • Registration  
  • Guided Reading 
  • English 
  • Assembly 
  • Break 
  • Mathematics 
  • Lunch 
  • RSE 
  • Science 

Our Key Stage 2 is organised into two phases: Years 3 and 4 and Years 5 and 6. Classes are in different parts of our building and the children also play in these two different areas. We have a large outdoor space for our children to play and have made the most of our rural environment by incorporating a sensory garden and football goals. The children thoroughly enjoy both of these areas.  


“It’s really fun in Key Stage 2, I like all of the writing projects,” ~ Year 6 child. 

“We have so many books and they are all really interesting and suitable for my age,” ~ Year 5 child. 

“I like the playground because it is so big. I like the sensory garden,” ~ Year 4 child. 

“My teacher and my friends always help me. I like my classroom and all of the displays,” ~ Year 3 child.