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At the beginning of every school year, a boy and girl from Year 1 to Year 6 are elected to be a School Councillor to represent their class at meetings.

As a School Councillor they…

• Represent their classes ‘voice’ at meetings
• Make decisions about what happens in school
• Give ideas to make the school a better place

This is what our current School Councillors said…


aged 7

“Help make the school a better place”


aged 9

“Listen to their classes good suggestions and take them to the meetings”


aged 10

“Be a good role model to all of the other children in the school”

In the past the School Council have…

• Been to meet the mayor of Dudley at The Council House.

• Met the Local MP Mike Wood to ask him questions about what he does and also to help us with the problems of parking outside our school gates.

• Written a letter to parents to ask them to park sensibly outside the school gates so that the children feel safe.

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