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We hope that you will give your support to this uniform as the children look very smart when dressed in a similar fashion. It also helps the children to develop a pride in their appearance and a sense of belonging to the school.
Our School Uniform
  • Bottle green “V” neck jumper or cardigan
  • Tie (green/gold single striped) (these are available from the school office)
  • White or Grey shirt/blouse
  • Grey Trousers
  • Grey Skirt
  • Sensible black shoes should be worn for school, NOT trainers


  • A PE Kit consisting of green shorts (available from school) or PE skirt, a gold tee shirt (available from school) and a pair of black pumps should be provided in a PE bag. A fleece coat is also available, though not mandatory. The fleece is to be worn outdoors over the sweatshirt or cardigan but not as a substitute.

Every item of uniform should be marked with the child’s name so that we are able to return them when lost.


£4.00 each

Waist: 22/24”, 26/28”, and 30/32”

T Shirts with school logo

£5.00 each

Ages: 3/4 yrs, 5/6 yrs,7/8 yrs, 9/10 yrs and 11/13yrs
Adult sizes: Small, Medium and Large – £5.50 each


£9.00 each

Ages: 3/4yrs, 5/6yrs, 7/8yrs, 9/10yrs, 11-12yrs and 13 yrs
Sizes: Small & Medium – £12.00 each


£9.00 each

Ages: 3/4yrs, 5/6yrs, 7/8yrs, 9/10yrs, 11/12yrs and 13 yrs
Sizes: Small & Medium – £12.00 each

Fleece coats with school logo

£12.00 each

Ages: 5/6 yrs, 7/8 yrs, 9/10 yrs and 11/12 yrs

Printed Book Bags

£3.00 each

Elastic Ties

£2.50 each

*** School Cap ***

£5.00 each

39” Ties

£2.50 each

45” Ties

£2.50 each

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